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Construction Cranes


The construction industry encompasses many aspects and includes industrial, commercial, and residential construction.

The construction industry has gone through changes globally and is currently driven by three global trends.

Due to cost pressure and competition, construction firms have been driven to plan, manage, and execute projects more efficiently. Construction firms design upfront using construction planning and scheduling tools for better manufacturing and assembly. In addition, the uses of modularization and prefabrication of components are common in order to compete.

The second trend in the construction industry is the use of digital tools to increase efficiency for the construction industry. These new construction technologies include the digitization of the work process. Automation and robots are beginning to enter the construction industry in several areas and the pace of change in the will be significant in the coming decade.

The last global trend in the construction industry is the move towards sustainability.  Besides designing and building green buildings, the construction industry is moving towards efficient construction.

Efficient and safe construction requires specialized technologies and equipment. This is where BD Cranetech custom made cranes are able to increase productivity thereby increasing the efficiency of the building project. One example of innovation is the use of a gantry crane to install pre-fabricated blocks in the completion of The Brownstone Executive Condominium in Singapore. The project used gantry cranes designed and manufactured by BD CraneTech.

BD Cranetech has over 28 years of helping construction companies increase safety and efficiency in Singapore. Contact us for more info.




Double girder electric overhead traveling cranes can be used in the construction industry. These cranes help to increase safety and productivity.

Single girder electric overhead cranes are a smaller alternative to the larger double girder cranes. However, these are often used to vastly increase efficiency at the work site.

BD CraneTech Hevi gantry cranes in big infrastructure projects in Singapore and around Asia. These heavy lifting cranes are ideal of pre-fabricated modules for big infrastructure projects.