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General Manufacturing Cranes

The general manufacturing industry is a broad spectrum and can refer to the production of low-end everyday goods, to petroleum products and to high-end production of electronics and pharmaceutical products.

In order to compete in a globalized world, manufacturers are employing many new trends in order to compete. Some of these trends include the following.

The first is the use of Internet of things (IoT) devices in the manufacturing process to increase productivity, increase safety and to meet regulatory compliance requirements. One simple use of IoT devices is in measuring of the inventory of the raw materials required for production or using IoT devices to monitor the production process to measure any downtimes and to self-fix any issues.

Another trend is to the use of artificial intelligence in predictive maintenance of equipment so that companies can reduce costs while ensuring minimal downtime.

Cost pressure and global competition require manufacturing companies to be as efficient as possible in the entire manufacturing process. This includes the efficient delivery of raw materials for processing into the final product.


Jib cranes are commonly used in the manufacturing industry. Jib cranes are ideal for moving inventory and raw materials quickly.

The manufacturing industry requires efficient handling of materials along the entire manufacturing process. This is where a single girder EOT crane can be used along the length of the floor. This improves productivity and safety.

When the manufacturing process requires a heavier lifting load, then the double girder electric overhead traveling crane may be the solution. For further flexibility, a smaller crane can be attached to one of the girders for a quick turn around.