Custom Made
Cranes for the Marine Industry

The marine industry is a vibrant industry and is essential in supporting global trade. The marine industry has many parts to the industry ecosystem and includes shipping, port and maritime services, and offshore and marine engineering.

One of the key areas of the marine industry is the offshore marine and engineering services. This marine sector includes shipbuilding and repair as well as offshore rig building and repair. The demands of the marine and engineering services require specialized equipment such as specialized cranes. Singapore is a global marine hub with all the related services in one location. This is advantageous to our global customers as end-to-end solutions for the marine industry can be found in Singapore.

Other marine industry solutions that can be found in Singapore include:

  • Ship financing
  • Shipbroking
  • Risk management and marine insurance
  • Ship repair
  • Salvage and rescue services


In Singapore alone, the offshore marine and engineering industry contributed S$3.6 billion to the GDP in 2016.

BD CarneTech has over 28 years of experience in the design and build of custom made cranes for the marine and shipyard industries. We are experienced in helping our customers solve their problems with our hoisting solutions.


Heavy lifting gantry cranes are often used in the marine industry. The uses of these heavy lifters include use in shipyards for ship repair and maintenance.

These general-purpose cranes are a great solution to the marine industry. This is because jib cranes are adaptable and flexible in their usage which helps to improve productivity and safety.

Sometimes, cranes require special components due to the specialized needs of the user. The marine industry sometimes needs precision control of the crane, especially in shipbuilding.