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Jib Crane

Jib Cranes are an excellent solution for many industries, such as the marine or manufacturing industries. This is due to the crane's adaptability and flexibility in many of the industrial processes.

Dedicated jib cranes provide economic lifting and are a labor-saving solution. Jib cranes are often installed and positioned over areas where there are repetitive lifting requirements. Some examples are machine tools or work stations, where a jib crane can help to increase productivity and safety.

Jib cranes can also be positioned under the main electric overhead traveling (EOT) crane to increase productivity as the jib crane reduces the time needed for an operator to wait for the main crane.

There are a few variations to the types of jib cranes. The kind of jib crane that will be recommended depends on the available structure and the requirements of users of the crane.

The basic types of jib cranes include wall-mounted jib crane, which gives a standard 180-degree slew. If a larger slew is required, then the jib crane should be mounted on either a rectangular or a round form column, which will give a nominal 359-degree slew. Where needed, continuous slew models are also available.

If the workload requires a higher safe working lifting capacity, the jib crane structure may be reinforced by using either an underbrace or overbrace. The use of an underbrace or overbrace is restricted by the headroom available at the location.

Jib cranes can also be installed with a variety of options making this class of cranes one of the most used types of cranes. Options for the jib cranes include the use of an electric wire rope LS hoists instead of a regular chain hoist. Another option is

CraneTech offers a range of optional functionality to suit your requirement, including using an electric wire-rope LS hoist instead of a chain hoist. Other options for the jib crane is the inclusion of push travel or power travel instead of a fixed hoist position. The last optional functionality for the jib crane is either a powered slew or a standard push slew.

For special applications, rails can be installed along the entire length of the wall. The monorail allows the jib crane to travel along the wall that provides a unique solution that's fully mobile down the shop's length.



Jib Crane by BD CraneTech


Proper and efficient material handling is important in the manufacturing industry. This is where jib cranes offer solutions due to the cranes adaptability.

Jib cranes are often used in the marine and shipyard industry for quick material handling requirements. BD CraneTech strength is in providing solutions to the marine industry.

The petroleum and gas industries require quick and safe handling of raw materials and the final products. Jib Cranes are used at every stage of the process due to the cranes flexibility in usage.