Cranetech EXEL Single Girder
Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes

BD Cranetech single girder cranes are designed to cover a wide range of modern industrial demands, providing excellent value for money with no compromise on quality and lifting performance.

The EXEL specifications, including a full list of operational and safety features incorporated in this world-beating range of cranes, are available at the customers' request.

A Cranetech EXEL single girder crane has reduced wheel loads which equates to cost reduction on new runway support structures and increased lifting capabilities on existing structures.

Cranetech offers various cranes beam to end carriage constructions to ensure optimum use of the headroom available.

Hoists on the bottom flange of the beam are offered as standard in low headroom construction. All hoist design ensures maximum cross-bridge hook stroke with minimum side clearances. This is to ensure that the crane uses the available space efficiently.

An alternative specification for our cranes incorporates chain hoists and is available at 3 tonnes or less.

For optimum dimensions and performance, it is generally appropriate to consider double girder solutions where lifting capcity required is above 10 tonnes.



Single girder EOT cranes are often used in the oil and gas industry for moving heavy equipment and materials handling.

Manufacturing often requires fast and efficient handling of materials. This is where a single gantry crane adds value as the crane is able to cover the entire length of the factory floor.

Single girder cranes are often used in logistics and warehousing. Single girder EOT cranes are excellent in moving materials efficiently and safely.