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We Build Custom-Made Cranes

BD CraneTech builds custom made cranes for a wide variety of industries.

Customized cranes for the construction industry.

Cranes for the shipyard industry with a small footprint and heavy lift capacity.

Industry-leading and innovative cranes for specialized use for the Petrochemical and Gas industries.

BD CraneTech solutions cover all aspects of manufacturing. Our innovative solutions help your business in all our hoisting needs.

BD CraneTech

We believe that in order to provide the best cranes is to innovate through R&D and understanding our customers' needs.

Dream Big
We Lift Heavy

BD CraneTech is a company that is the premier crane manufacturer. We design, build and service all aspects of hoisting machines.

◎    Customized hoisting solutions for all industries
◎    In house design and manufacturing
◎    Efficient solutions with transparent costs
◎    Full service and maintenance

Let's Grow

Join our team, and enjoy a creative, dynamic and inclusive culture focused on the art of hoisting.

Engineer at BD Cranetech


BD CraneTech has a team that is able to provide solutions that suit your needs. Our focus is to understand your hoisting needs.


We have the in-house capability to help you maintain all kinds of cranes including other manufacturers.

International Capability

We build high-quality cranes and are able to deliver solutions for clients all over the world. For better costing, we are able to assemble on site.

Understanding Customer Needs

We have a reputation for quality and reliable built cranes. Our service standards after the sale is a commitment of ours.

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