Products and Solutions

We build our cranes to the needs and specifications of our clients. We start with a free consultation and help clients find the best lifting solution.

Integrated Manufacturing

Our cranes are built in-house where all aspects of the process are integrated vertically. This allows BD CraneTech to control key production processes leading to better quality, reliability, and affordability.

Well Stocked
Inventory Components

Continued service is important for our clients. This is why we ensure that key components are available for our cranes. This is achieved by working with suppliers and holding stock.

Our production process is a simple one from consultation, to design and build and finally testing and commissioning. Find out more on how BD CraneTech uses our in-house capability to build industrial cranes for all industries.

Service and Maintenance

Our cranes are known for their reliability. However, in order to ensure minimal downtime, we offer service options that fit the client. In addition, our service hotlines are open 24/7 with a multilingual service team able to speak English, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil.

Successful Projects

We have completed over a thousand different projects. Over a thousand happy clients.


BD CraneTech has over 30 years of experience in building custom made cranes.