Enterprise 50 2012 P5-2

Brave and Determined

1991 - Founding of BD CraneTech Pte Ltd

BD CraneTech was founded in 1991. Since then, we have been at the forefront of manufacturing custom-built cranes in Singapore.

BD CraneTech was started by people who believed that they could build quality custom-build cranes that were effective and cost-efficient. The company started with the simple fabrication of overhead cranes using French made hoist with capacity ranging from 125 kg to 50 tonnes. Today, BD CraneTech designs and manufactures the entire crane system. This includes the hoist system with lifting capacity to 2,000 tonnes.

The solutions that we provided were successfully delivered to various industries such as the marine and offshore, construction and civil engineering and the logistics sector.

Our capabilities in the manufacturing of cranes were further enhanced in 2007 with our 10,000 sq meter factory which enabled BD CraneTech to vertically integrate crane manufacturing which leads to better quality and cost-effective cranes.

BD Cranetech Vision
Ship unloader by BD CraneTech

The Art of Hoisting

Providing Crane Lifting Solutions

In 1992, BD CraneTech introduced the first even hoist manufactured entirely in South East Asia.

In the year 2000, BD CraneTech manufactured two 600 tonnes per hour ship unloading cranes to Jurong Port. This was the first delivery of such cranes fully made by a Singapore company.

In 2008 we continued to provide custom solutions with the delivery of an 1200-tonne crane to Penta Ocean. In the same year, we manufactured the then tallest and longest span gantry crane in Singapore with a lifting capacity of 250 tonnes. The crane spanning 80 meters and 60 meters in height lift was manufactured for Keppel Singmarine.

Moving Forward through Innovation

At BD CraneTech, we strive to provide solutions that fit the client. Some of the solutions that we proposed and was adopted by the construction industry. BD CraneTech built the first gantry crane in South East Asia to be used in the construction of a 6-story factory. Other unique solutions are our sheltered gantry crane, which minimizes delays in lifting requirements due to weather conditions.

In 2012 we were recognized and awarded the Enterprise 50 award for our contributions to the Singapore economy both locally and globally.

PT Batamec 10T Shelter Crane View by BD CraneTech