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Cranes for the Logistics and Warehousing Industry

The growth of the logistics industry Cranes for logistics and warehousing has been driven mainly by globalization. However, some of the most significant contributors to the growth of the industry are the introduction of containerized shipping and the automation of handling goods.

Society has benefitted from the increase of trade around the world. The increase in trade and connectivity has thus led to the rise in the standard of living.

In the logistics and warehousing industry, here are a few trends that are expected to transform the industries.

Continued Digitalization

Digitization is a prominent enabler for the transportation and storage industry. Efficiency and transparency is the key to beat the competition. Some examples of technologies being used include warehouse management systems (WMS) and the use of APIs to connect to other systems to share information and improve process efficiency. The Internet of Things or IOT will also be another contributor to the logistics and warehouse industry.

Cold Storage Warehouse

One of the trends for storage is temperature-controlled warehousing. The demand for specialized food storage is led by the demand for food all over the world. Fresh food and frozen food requires storage in frigerated warehousing.

Further Proliferation of 3PL and 5PL Logistics

With the availability of technology and the growth of online shopping, new logistics models have come of age. Some examples are the 4PL and the 5PL logistics models. Traditionally, a 3PL is a company that is an outsourced company handling all aspects of logistics for a manufacturer. A 4PL also adds on consultancy, especially towards the customer's entire supply chain process, and finds solutions for efficiencies. Lastly, a 5PL is where various logistical solutions are put together on behalf of multiple clients and helps each of them to scale and benefit from logistical efficiencies.

How can BD Cranetech Help?

BD CraneTech has over 30 years of experience in building custom cranes. Our experience spans across many industries and includes solutions for the logistics and warehouse industry.


Jib Cranes are a flexible solution to quickly handle lifting requirements. Jib Cranes can be used as part of an overhead traveling crane for faster reaction times and smaller loads. Some of our customized solutions also include traveling jib cranes that add more flexibility.

For indoor crane solutions, the EOT Overhead Single Girder Crane can be used for warehouse applications. Overhead cranes can span the entire length of the warehouse making them ideal for quick movement of goods.

BD CraneTech was the first local company to fully design and manufacture two 600 tonnes per hour ship unloading crane delivered to Jurong Port. We have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing small and large cranes for the logistics industry.