Custom Design and Build
Petroleum and Gas Industry Cranes


The oil and gas industry is one of the biggest drivers of the global economy. Globally, the petroleum and gas sector is the biggest sector in terms of dollar value. In Singapore alone, the oil and gas sector accounts for S$5.31 billion of total output in 2015.

Singapore has no natural resources yet has played an important role in the oil and gas industry from supporting upstream activities such as rig building all the way to downstream activities where Singapore has some of the largest refineries in the world. Singapore has been described as the "undisputed petroleum and gas hub in Asia".

Singapore remains a key hub for the oil and gas industry for many reasons. Singapore is located strategically. In addition, it is a major banking and finance center and is stable and safe. This makes Singapore an ideal location for finding solutions and services in the oil and gas industry.

BD CraneTech has many years of experience providing custom made cranes for the oil and gas industry. This includes cranes for the building of big rigs and smaller cranes for handling of equipment and resources in downstream activities.


Custom Made
Crane solutions

Jib cranes offer flexibility and adaptability. This is important for the oil and gas industry where efficiency and safety is paramount.

BD CraneTech has the expertise to manufacture special purpose cranes for the oil and gas industry. Our vertically integrated manufacturing process ensures quality and reliable cranes.

Single girder EOT cranes are often used in material handling in the oil and gas industries. These cranes are essential for the handling of raw materials and the final products.