BD Cranetech

Crane Solutions for Various Industries

Our construction cranes are custom built and are designed for innovative applications that help to increase productivity in the construction industry. Some of our cranes have been used in the following applications.

  • Gantry cranes for precast installation
  • Singapore MRT construction

Cranetech has years of experience in the marine industry. Our cranes have been used in all aspects of the marine industry and include

  • Shipyard cranes
  • Vessel cranes
  • Ship unloaders

BD CraneTech has many years building custom made cranes. This includes cranes for the oil and gas industry. The industry requires cranes for the safe and efficient handling of raw materials and the final product.

Cranes are a necessity for the manufacturing industry. All kinds of cranes are used in various parts of the manufacturing process including:

  • Material handling
  • Specialized handling
  • Repetitive processes


We offer rental and sale of refurbished cranes. BD Cranetech is also able to modify your existing crane.

Our commitment to our clients include service and maintenance of our cranes.

We design, manufacture, install new cranes. Cranes are commissioned after load testing and certification.

Being practical, we will provide supplementary machinery works and fabrication of parts or modification of the existing structure.