CraneTech EXEL Double Girder
Electric Overhead Travelling Crane

CraneTech's double girder cranes branded as EXEL cranes are manufactured from pre-engineered components. Using pre-engineered components allows CraneTech to produce a vast range of custom options and specifications quickly, efficiently, and consistently high quality.

Flexible Build Options

Some of these options that customers can choose from include cab control for the comfort of the operator, a platform on the drive side beam, and tandem hoists on a separate crab frame.

Additional Auxiliary Hoist

If a large proportion of loads are significantly less than the main hoisting capacity, a smaller, faster auxiliary hoist can be fitted on a common crab frame. This set-up allows for flexibility and quick turn around times.

Using a double girder crane has two main advantages. The first is that a double girder will give a better height of lift in a given headroom as the hook travels up between the two beams. The second advantage is that a For heavy-duty lifting applications, a double girder crane can be supplied with open barrel hoists.

Heavy Lifting Capacity

CraneTech manufactures double girder cranes from 0.5 tonnes to 1,000 tonnes of lifting capacity. Hoisting equipment from CraneTech has a standard lifting capacity of up to 20 tonnes; above that, we offer the heavy-duty open barrel.

Full Safety and Operating Features

CraneTech builds our cranes according to the specifications required by the client. Specifications, including a full list of safety and operating features, are available at the customers' request.



When heavy lifting is required in the marine and shipyard, the use of a double girder EOT crane is employed. These cranes are able to lift heavy components and materials necessary for the industry.

Double girder EOT cranes are often used in the manufacturing process. The cranes are required to lift heavy materials quickly and safely across the manufacturing floor.

The oil and gas industry uses cranes in handling raw materials and the finished products. The double girder EOT crane is also used in the manufacturing of rigs.