Semi-gantry cranes are often used when space is of a premium. This crane is typically supported by legs on one side which travels on wheels or rails on the floor. The other side rides on a traveling mechanism which often rails on the wall of the existing structure.

The semi-gantry crane frees up space on what side as there is no need to use valuable space on the floor. The traveling mechanism on the wall of the existing structure minimizes floor usage. Floor usage for wheels or rails would require additional safety clearance.

The semi-gantry crane can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Due to its smaller footprint, the semi-gantry crane is a good alternative to a regular gantry crane for indoor use. The crane can be built in either a single girder or double girder configuration depending on load requirements.


Custom Made Semi-Gantry Crane

BD CraneTech has standard solutions for semi-gantry cranes and is able to manufacture custom made solutions depending on our client's needs. One example of our custom made solutions is a traveling crane which requires the traveling mechanism to step up in situations where the ground is not level. We pride ourselves in our experience of building special cranes for customized solutions for our clients.


The marine and shipyard industry has similar needs when considering using a semi-gantry crane. Shipyards are often limited in space but require cranes with heavy lifting capacity. This is where the semi-gantry crane can be used.

The manufacturing industry commonly uses a gantry crane to raw-materials. However, when space is a concern, then the use of a semi-gantry crane is an alternative.

Semi-gantry cranes can be used in the movement of heavy materials. A semi-gantry crane can be used indoors or outdoors and is used to handle heavy and bulky inventory. A semi-gantry crane can be used in place of a regular gantry crane when space is of a premium. Or when racks in the warehouse limit the use of a regular gantry crane.