Cranetech Xtra Special Crane Application
Cranes for specialised needs

There are some industries where their processes require specialized, complex handling of materials. Also, these industries have added safety requirements, which make it a necessity to design special custom made cranes for specific applications.

Cranetech has over 29 years of experience, which includes the design and manufacturing of specialized and custom-built cranes. These cranes can installed in areas as diverse power station cranes, steelwork handling, magnet cranes, computer-controlled furnace charging, and even handling the cores of a nuclear reactor.

Process Integration and Intelligent Electronics

Certain industries have specific needs and requirements for their crane installations. For clients who require a dedicated crane for specific process applications, the following features are available:

  • Programmable System
  • Electronic Acceleration Ramp
  • Thyristors Drives
  • Condition monitoring
  • Electrical braking
  • Stepless Speed Control

Other Unique Solutions

BD CraneTech builds practical solutions to solve common problems. Another example of our specialized cranes is our Sheltered Crane. This is basically an overhead EOT crane built into a movable shelter. The whole structure gives the user the ability to work in almost all weather conditions. The shelter crane helps to increase productivity by providing workers comfort and protection from the elements. Other specialised and unique solutions include cranes for hazardous applications which require solutions that keep safety paramount.

Sheltered Crane Helps increase Productivity by BD CraneTech


BD CraneTech is known for innovation. Special application cranes are needed in complex urban projects where space is a premium.

Special application cranes can also be used in the marine industry. These cranes are mostly built for productivity in mind.

The manufacturing industry often uses cranes at key processes where either safety or productivity is key.