10 Tonne sheltered crane built for PT Batamec by BD CraneTech

What is a Sheltered Crane?

A sheltered crane is a type of overhead crane that is built into a structure that also serves as a shelter. The shelter extends to the sides and is a solution to protect the users from the sun or rain thus increasing productivity. The whole structure (crane and the shelter) is built on wheels and move together to any location that requires the crane and the movable shelter.

The lifting capacity of the crane is flexible and can range to a few tonnes to 100 over tonnes. The shelter is built around the crane and becomes part of the overall structure.

A sheltered crane is often used when there is no available covered structure to help protect the users from the elements.




Sheltered Crane build for Keppel Singmarine by BD CraneTech

Which Industries Use The Sheltered Crane?

The sheltered crane can be used by any industry that requires the convenience of a crane with a movable shelter. BD CraneTech has successfully build sheltered cranes for various industries such as shipbuilding and repair, manufacturing, oil and gas, and the logistics industry.

In one of the projects, BD CraneTech built a row of such cranes serving the entire length of the facility. This helped the customer to greatly improve productivity as the sheltered crane provided comfort and protection from the elements for the workers.

10 Tonne sheltered crane built for PT Batamec by BD CraneTech

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Sheltered Crane?

The advantages of using a sheltered crane are that the whole structure provides protection from the elements such as the sun and the rain. This gives much-needed comfort to the workers when in such conditions. The sheltered crane allows work to continue thus increasing productivity and helps the company to save costs.

The sheltered crane can be built in most locations. However, there are restrictions on its usage. Due to the covering that envelops the entire crane, the crane should not be built where high winds are common. To mitigate the risks, the shelter can be built with features to allow air to flow through.


Sheltered Crane Helps increase Productivity by BD CraneTech

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