BD CraneTech's traditional business is in the manufacture of cranes. We manufacture all types of cranes and specialize in purpose-built cranes. These cranes include the following:

However, not every customer may need a purpose-built crane. Due to our many customers around the region, BD CraneTech has access to used cranes. This is often due to our customers wanting to upgrade their lifting equipment.

Refurbishment of Used Cranes

Whenever we build a new crane for our clients, it often involves the dismantling of their older lifting equipment. The cranes that we take over are often in good condition. Our team takes effort in dismantling the pre-loved crane so that the equipment can benefit other companies who do not require a purpose-built crane.

This renewal of the various used parts allows BD CraneTech to offer all types of used cranes to our customers.

The used cranes are refurbished by our capable team at BD CraneTech. Due to our manufacturing capability, we are able to restore the used crane to a condition that ensures quality and safety. In addition, we are able to piece together a crane from used parts and include new parts when necessary. This helps in cost savings for our customers.

Modification of Used Cranes

Whenever the needs arise, our used cranes can be modified to fit the purpose of the customer. BD CraneTech is happy to work with our customers to make modifications and advise on costs and offer solutions that fit the budget of the customer.

Rental or Sale of Used Cranes

Our used cranes are available for sale or for rental. Please contact us for availability. For bigger or specialized cranes such as gantry cranes or EOT overhead cranes, please contact us early so that we can source or modify a used crane from available stock.

The cranes that we provide can also include maintenance and servicing. Warranty with conditions can also be included to give our customers peace of mind.